January 6, 2020 / By simon

Are you tired of winter? Do you need to let some steam off? We have you covered! Slide to BARBEGAZI and try out axe throwing! 

If this sport may seem reserved for lumberjacks and their steady hands, think again! Axe throwing is rapidly gaining mass appeal and can be enjoyed with friends, family or even between stressful meetings. If the sport may seem intimidating at first, just imagine a giant darts game and you’ll already have figured out axe throwing’s basic guidelines.

Invented in Ontario during the mid-2000’s, axe throwing is now a recognized sport that has its own international federation, the IATF. Leagues exist in many countries and tens of thousands take part in the official competitions around the world. Add to that the thousands that try out axe throwing every year and you have a sport that is clearly on the rise!

Here’s the lowdown: you can throw the axe with one or both hands, depending on your strength and comfort. Many motions are allowed and you’ll have the chance to perfect yours and find your ideal technique. Two types of axes are allowed: the small axe and the Big Axe. It’s recommended to start with the smaller axe before trying the Big Axe once you’re comfortable enough with your throwing motion.

Once you feel ready to compete, here’s what you need to know: each match is divided in three rounds, each composed of five throws per player. Each participant goes through their five throws and the one who scores the most points wins the round, unless the competitors are tied. The first participant to win two rounds wins the match.

Keeping the score is almost the same as darts. The target is separated into five circles, of which three are concentric circles: the biggest circle is worth one point, the medium-sized circle is worth three points and the smallest circle, or bullseye, is worth five points per throw. You’ll notice we’re missing two circles! These are the Clutch zones, two small circles located in the top corners of the wooden board, and they’re worth seven points. However, these two circles are special: they can only be played during the fifth and final throw of a round, and must be called beforehand – we call this a Clutch Call. At that point, it’s all or nothing, and hitting anything but the Clutch will result in a score of 0. In any case, your throws need to stick to the board. If your axe falls to the ground, even if it stuck to the board for a few seconds, you won’t score any points.

It might seem hard to score a bullseye at first glance, but competition is optional and axe throwing can serve as the perfect activity to chill with friends or family. It’s cool to send your axe right in the center of the target, but just the feeling of seeing your axe bite into the wood will make you want to throw it again, and again, and… again!

You’ll be able to hone and showcase your skills at BARBEGAZI 2020!

BARBEGAZI Banff – Jan. 17-19 & 24-26 2020, Banff, AB

BARBEGAZI Montreal – March 7-8 2020, Montreal, QC