January 13, 2020 / By simon

The Montreal winter is no joke! Yet, Quebecers have found many ways to strive during the winter months’ cold days and snow storms. Many things have been said about the best ways to handle the Montreal cold. That’s why we’re here to keep it real with you so you’re ready for BARBEGAZI 2020.

Here’s the biggest myth of them all: Montrealers spend the major part of their winter inside thanks to the “underground city.”

That’s a huge stretch! While there is indeed a subterranean network that links shopping malls, office towers and metro stations around Montreal’s downtown core, this network only exists to facilitate your shopping and most Montrealers spend as little time as possible in there. If you ask us here at Tribu, we’re not big fans. We’d rather be out there in the snowy streets that turn the city into a giant snowpark during the winter months.

So, what’s the Montreal winter like, then? We can’t lie, it does get really cold! Obviously, you have to dress accordingly, but it’s perfectly normal to plan outdoor activities during winter. As the days get shorter and the cold gets… colder, exposition to the sun’s precious rays becomes even more crucial! So we put our warm clothes on and we go play outside!

As a matter of fact, there’s no shortage of winter fun. Discover the Plateau Mont-Royal’s snowy sidestreets and take breaks from the cold in one of the neighbourhood’s many cute cafes. Hike up Mount-Royal to catch the sights from its belvedere which puts you right in front of Montreal’s tallest skyscrapers. Reach one of the city’s numerous parks to skate, go sledding or just observe the squirrels try to find their hidden food caches! This winter, the city of Montreal is even lending winter gear for free so you can practice these winter sports: skates, sleds, snow scooters and other equipment are available in certain parks. That’s the perfect way to test your hockey skills or simply go sledding with the family for a few hours!

One thing’s for sure: at BARBEGAZI, the fun happens outside! So let’s put our best winter clothes on, using the onion skin technique, and go enjoy the snow. Between snowskating, axe and Christmas tree throwing, ice climbing or fatbiking, you’ll be sure to find a fun way to stay warm!

BARBEGAZI Montreal – March 7-8 2020, Montreal, QC