January 13, 2020 / By simon

SnowDays is coming fast and BARBEGAZI is proud to be apart of this year’s programming. While you already know about BARBEGAZI’s brand of extreme winter fun, here’s a few things to do while you’re in Banff.


Heli fun

The Rockies are home to some of the best ski runs in the world, and there’s no better way to enjoy them than getting dropped from a helicopter to try super exclusive slopes. Here’s a look at what you can expect!

Ride the Rockies

Being in Banff allows you to be close to the “Big 3“: Banff Sunshine, Lake Louise and Mt. Norquay. These three ski resorts offer a huge and varied terrain that will please experts and newbies alike. If you’re looking for a dose of pure adrenaline, try out Delirium Dive, one of the Rockies’ most intense runs!

Check out some of the best mountain views around 

Head out to Sulphur Mountain and ride the Banff Gondola up the mountain to reach the 1km boardwalk that offers some of the best views of the Rockies around the Sulphur Mountain Cosmic Ray Station National Historic Site.

Ice, Ice Baby

While attending BARBEGAZI and SnowDays, we recommend that you make the 40-minute drive to Lake Louise to check out its famous sights. You can skate on the lake during winter and even join fun hockey games. While you’re there, you should also check out the Ice Magic sculpting competition which showcases the work of some of the world’s best ice sculptors.

Sample Banff’s best drinks

Our friends at SkiBig3 have rounded up some of Banff’s best drinks and we’re looking forward to sampling them. We’re really intrigued by the drinks offered at the Lone Pine Pub, which only serves local spirits in their cocktails. During SnowDays, you can also warm up by trying a bunch of cocktails during the TRIBUTE Craft Spirits Celebration on January 24-25.

Warm up at the hot springs

After you’ve been walking around or going down the slopes all day, there’s no better way to ease up than to take a break at the world-renowned Banff Upper Hot Springs. You’ll be able to soak up in the hot spring water while enjoying the stunning mountain views. We’ve heard that locals go in the morning to avoid the crowds, so follow their advice if you want the baths to yourself!

Paws up!

If you’re travelling to Banff with your dog, you’ll find cool pet-friendly accommodations available in town, notably the Storm Mountain Lodge. Here’s a nice profile about the lodge by our friends over at Travel Alberta.

We hope this helps you plan fun activities during your stay in Banff. Follow BARBEGAZI Facebook page for more recommendations during SnowDays!