BARBEGAZI Takes Over Mississauga’s 50th NYE Bash

January 17, 2024 / By vanessa

Hey, party people! As the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, Celebration Square transformed into a dazzling spectacle of lights, music, and adrenaline-pumping action to kickstart the city’s 50th-anniversary celebrations, presented by Visit Mississauga. BARBEGAZI was of course part of this winter celebration, with some surprises for the crowd – and guess what? It was epic.

Freestyle Snowmobile Shows Stole the Spotlight

The vibe of the crowd specifically was one like we’ve never seen before, it was filled with people of all ages that have likely never even seen a snowmobile before, which added a completely different environment than we’re used to at snowmobile related events. It was so cool to see how interested and intrigued some of the fans were. The people of Mississauga were awesome!!” Said Chris Coosemans, the athlete who assembled the snowmobiler team for the show.

Among the daredevils who carved up the snow-covered stage were some of the best in the game:

Chris Coosemans: The athlete who orchestrated the madness, leading the charge with his signature style and expert maneuvers. “My personal proudest moment and I think I can speak for the others as well, was seeing our sport on a stage that we don’t get too often. To have 5 riders performing for thousands in the middle of a major city was something we will never forget about.” he added.

Daniel Shaffer: A versatile competitor, Daniel usually competes in both motocross and freestyle snowmobiling events, bringing a unique flair to the show.

David England: A bush pilot from Yellowknife showcased his skills, proving that flying in the air is not reserved for planes alone.

Daniel Bodin: Hailing from Sweden, Daniel brought his X Games expertise, including being the first freestyle snowmobiler to nail a double backflip.

Marcus Ohlsson: Coosemans labeled Marcus as one of the best freestyle riders globally, and his performance in Mississauga lived up to the hype with his famous Tsunami Backflip.

The gravity-defying stunts showcased the talent and fearlessness of these incredible athletes. They transformed the NYE celebration into a winter wonderland of adrenaline, leaving the crowd in awe and setting the bar high for a year filled with thrills.

You could feel the hype building up before each show! People were getting super pumped, and when the show kicked off, the crowd went absolutely wild. My highlight was when Micah, the producer, opened the gates, it was like a race to get up close with the athletes and the snowmobiles. Everyone was sprinting to catch that perfect shot! It was a great moment.” said Sandrine, our project coordinator in charge of the event.

BARBEGAZI: The Mythical Snow Shredder

Now that you’ve met the fearless snowmobilers, let’s dive into how BARBEGAZI became the life of the party at the NYE bash.

BARBEGAZI isn’t just a mysterious creature that knows how to snowskate; we watched him unleash some crazy moves to the live beats featuring Mississauga’s very own Shawn Desman, keeping the crowd warm and entertained.

BARBEGAZI isn’t just a character; he’s a vibe, a winter spirit that brings people together.” Sandrine added.

JACKALOPE: Bringing More Action Sports to Mississauga

More exciting times are ahead as the city gears up for an exhilarating year of action sports. Stay tuned for heart-stopping competitions and stunning performances that will keep the adrenaline flowing. The JACKALOPE Festival is also making its way to Mississauga July 12-14th 2024!

As the biggest action sports festival in Canada, JACKALOPE will bring together local and international athletes for a series of international caliber competitions. Get ready to witness Mississauga transform into a hub of action and excitement!

Here’s to a year filled with crazy celebrations that push the boundaries! As we step into 2024, let’s embrace new adventures, set our resolutions high, and maybe, just maybe, take a cue from BARBEGAZI – because if a mythical snow shredder can ride avalanches, who’s to say we can’t conquer our own peaks? Cheers to an epic year ahead!

Happy New Year, ya’ll!